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    4-cylinder MV 500 - 1952 


    9 World Championships Marche. (Hailwood, Surtees, Hocking)
    7 Italian Championships ……………… (Bandirola, Venturi,
    Bold, Agostini)
    1 Italian Junior Championship … (G. Milani)
    66 grand prix
    Total wins: 175

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  6. Victorian Ladies Bookmarks by Marina’s Wishes.

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    Blackwood Street Bunker is a renovation on a 1970s office block by Clare Cousins Architects in Northern Melbourne, Australia.

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    bobberinspiration: Yamaha SR250 cafe racer

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    An early client of mine sent me some pictures of some stools I made for a while back. Sunken cypress seats from Louisiana walnut legs and copper rungs. It’s great to see your pieces being lived on http://ift.tt/1uloykA

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    Excerpts from a Japanese NSX Brochure

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    John Cooper, knee out and wearing a wooly jumper.

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    Yuji Yamada