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    You got it right dude !

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    like a boss.

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    en Angleterre, nous avons été dans plusieurs super marchés. Nous avons découvert qu’un codage clair et efficace indique si le produit est trop gras, sucrée, salée… un système de couleurs vert, orange et rouge indiqué l’excès ou non de ces composants cachés #commerce #santé #alimentation http://ift.tt/1w4EPPJ

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    William Eggleston

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    "It is sort of a coincidence that I chose this book. I was in France, at a friends’ house, when I heard about this project. The book immediately caught my eye in the room I was sleeping in

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    Rallye du TAP Portugal - Sport auto Novembre 1972

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    With a jump back to the future, the duo of artists HeHe has been carrying out The Train Project, developing unconventional prototypes of railway vehicles tested on abandoned tracks in the form of performances. 

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    Yarn Bombing

    1. Tank Blanket . Military tank, Copenhagen, Denmark.

    2. Urban Knitting . Pothole coaster, Paris, France.

    3. Groovy Bus . Artist Madga Sayeg yarn-bombed this bus in Mexico City, Mexico.

    4. Cozy Patterns . Bike rack, Orinda, California.

    5. Artist at Work. Yarn bomber Madga Sayeg works on a bus in Mexico City, Mexico.

    6. Gun Cozy . Another piece by artist Madga Sayeg; this one is in Bali, Indonesia.

    7. With a Little Help. Firefighters add knit cherry blossoms to a tree at Joy Kogawa House in Vancouver, Canada.

    8.Crochet Blossoms. A close-up of the cherry tree at Joy Kogawa House in Vancouver, Canada.


    sometimes u don’t understand why a thing makes u happy, it just does

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    John Surtrees MV.

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